My E Bike

A perfect E bike road!

Why an E bike?

I have had an E bike for a number of years. Really I did not want one, but with a lung issue I was forced to get one to keep riding.

I have always loved bike riding and before I got sick I would ride several hundred kilometers a week for fun. When I got sick riding was a big no. I could ride but the problem was that if I hit a little hill or got caught with a head wind I was in trouble. Then one day I spotted an E bike that I loved. I got in my car and chased the rider down. That afternoon I drove to Medicine Hat and bought one at Cyclepath. They were the only bike shop in southern Alberta that sold E bikes at the time.

White Turtle III & my E Bike
After a ride

E bikes are not cheap!

They are not a cheap investment!! Compared to a regular bike that most people ride they are a huge investment. If you are an avid bike rider and this is your only chance to stay on the road it is worth it. I am not a huge fan on motorcycles so that was not on the list. I really only wanted a bike for around town and maybe a few trips around Lethbridge each year. But after buying the E bike I have found a lot of other uses. At a campground you can use them to run to the office or a nearby grocery store. When visiting a smaller community you can explore the community without a lot of traffic issues or parking problems.

The bike is not as powerful as some people think they are. It can get up to 32kmph on flat ground or a slight incline but on steep hills or really strong winds you still need to pedal.

E bike on the White Turtle III in Waterton

The bike sits nicely on the back of the White Turtle II. If there is anything I don’t like with the bike on the van is that I cannot fully open the rear doors. It is not a huge deal and I can live with it.


One thing that is a problem with an E bike is the recharge time. It takes a couple hours and depending where I am I would try and find a plug in. This did not work well to just sit around for two hours. Then last week I decided to try using the onboard inverter in the turtle. IT WORKED!!! I can now drive and charge the battery. It opens up a lot of options. Not only do I have the onboard batteries for lights, heat and fridge but with the 110v inverter I can charge all the extra gear I carry.

Should you get an E bike?

If you want to get out and enjoy some riding and you need some extra help I recommend a E bike. You still get a lot of exercise but with an E bike you get help as well. Plus if you do camp and want to explore further distances easily an E bike will allow you to do that.