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I was presented with the task of resizing photos for a client as they needed a memorial print. I’ve been assisting a customer who has experienced a personal tragedy – a loss in their family. Regrettably, the images they had of this individual were of very low resolution from their Facebook page and Instagram. They wanted a few prints to be made for the memorial service, yet the files lacked the necessary resolution for quality printing.

After conducting a lot of research, I decided to invest in an artificial intelligence (AI) program. This program proved to be instrumental in resizing their images, affording them higher quality versions suitable for printing. Furthermore, we could retain high-resolution copies on a USB drive for the future.

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While using this program, I recognized its potential as a solution that many of my clients had been inquiring about for years. Previously, resizing images significantly was a challenge, but this program effectively enlarges low-resolution images, rendering them suitable for printing.

While this program isn’t flawless, it does remarkably enhance the quality of the digital files I’ve tested. It salvages numerous images that I had previously declined for printing due to their low resolution.

With this success, I’m now extending the same service to all my clients. I can resize and even upscale your images for archival purposes or for producing prints. I’m capable of increasing image sizes by up to 600% over the original file dimensions.

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The program also brings considerable advantages to clients seeking photo restoration. When restoring a photo, having a high-resolution source is far preferable to working from a low-resolution one. By employing this program, I can bolster file sizes before initiating restoration work. Often, customers provide me with solely digital files they’ve received via email, which become the basis for restoration.

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