Lethbridge River Bottom

Lethbridge River Bottom after a storm

The Lethbridge river bottom, lots of shoots close to home. Staying home can be a good thing some days! 

In the dead of winter I sometimes just need to get out and take pictures. Recently after a huge dump of snow hit southern Alberta the Lethbridge river bottom seemed like a good place to head out to. It is close to home and my office. So I could head out easily without a lot of preparations.

No travel to the Lethbridge River Bottom

The good thing with shooting close to home is that if the subjects are not cooperating you have not spent a lot of time and money driving. The other nice thing is that you can go back easily if you find a sweet spot.

Sometimes we feel that if we are not driving a long distance that it is not as exciting. Well sometimes no matter how much you travel you will not find better photography subjects then a few minutes from home.

One of the newest residents are the Pheasants. They are so colorful that they can brighten even the dullest winter day.

Male Pheasant in The Lethbridge River Bottom
Male Pheasant – The Lethbridge River Bottom
Picture of the Lethbridge high level bridge at night linking to the Lethbridge art gallery of Paterson Photography
Male Pheasant The Lethbridge River Bottom
I am hiding – Male Pheasant
Male Pheasant The Lethbridge River Bottom
Male Pheasant
Female Pheasant
Female Pheasant

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Female Pheasant
Female Pheasant
Gopher out exploring