Large Negatives Printed

When you need to have large negatives printed Paterson Photography / First Choice Photo is your best choice in Lethbridge.

All work is done in Lethbridge at our office and most times the same day they are brought in.

Your film is handled with the utmost care. All work is dusted before scanning to remove the majority of the dust.

Digital files can also be cleaned by having any stubborn dust removed. If the negatives have scratches I can remove those as well.

All work is done in a climate controlled and secured building in Lethbridge. Your work is never shipped for digitizing or for printing.

Over 38 years of photographic experience printing millions of photos and processing hundreds of thousands of rolls of film.

I am able to digitize and print from 35 mm slides and negatives, medium format and large negatives scanned and printed. As well as artwork and documents of all sizes can be digitized and printed.

Large format film printed in Lethbridge
Large negatives – Family & wedding pictures

As each year passes our negatives and prints start to fade and get damaged. By having your work digitized it will allow you to make copies from your DIGITIZED negatives and prints for years to come.

Security – Large Negatives Printed

Also once digitized you’re able to better archive and preserve your prints and memories by giving backup files to other family members. Then in case of fire or flood you have copies of the digital files that you can print from.

Once a negative, slide or print get severely water damaged the image is lost forever. Whereas once you have digitized your memories you can use the backup files that you have stored at other locations to reprint all of your memories.

Digitizing your large negatives and having them printed will also allow you to share these memories with other family members. Makes great gifts for Birthdays anniversaries, and Christmas.

Assortment of old negativesm slides and prints that were scanned by First Choice Photo in Lethbridge

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Why Paterson Photography Ltd. / First Choice Photo for all your photo printing?

Paterson Photography Ltd. / First Choice Photo in Lethbridge Alberta is designed to be exactly the opposite of all the other photo labs that you will come across. We are not a large discount store that sells diapers, toilet paper and medication. We don’t sell clothes nor do we sell cell phones. Our job is to do one thing and one thing only. Make you the best photo print that’s possible. Whether that be from printing digital files from your camera or cell phone. Printing your old negatives and slides or restoring your old photos.

Our job is simple

To give you the best possible image that you can get no matter the source.

Additionally we believe in something else that the other places don’t believe

We believe you deserve to be treated with respect and to have your questions answered by a master photographer. NOT a part time person from stock that wanted more hours. We also do not push you off to a self serve machine to fend for yourself. We help you every step of the way.

When you want quality printing along with quality service WE ARE YOUR ONLY CHOICE!!! Always ready to help to give you the best!