High Level Bridge, Lethbridge

The Lethbridge bridge, my favorite subject

Working on edits from the Bridge shoot the other night.

The colors were amazing and with little wind I did a number of time exposures.

I would like to do more before winter but not sure how the leaves are going to hold out.

It is funny living in southern Alberta to say that I would have liked a little more wind, but I would have. Not enough wind to shake me or the camera but enough to cause the clouds to move a little faster.

When you are doing time exposures there is a fine line of not enough movement and too much.

You want some things to show movement like the clouds and the water but you prefer to not have the trees bending over so much that they look like dancers. Tonight was just sort of getting the clouds to move enough to show how I wanted but I will take it.

Bridge at sunset
Bridge at sunset

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Techie specs

Canon 5DmkIV, Canon 24-70 F4L, 100 ISO, 3 Stop Neutral density filter, 30 Seconds @ F8

When doing longer exposures there’s a few things to take into account. First of all you don’t want anything around your subject moving. So having the water or the trees move will take away from the look of the bridge in the background. The second thing is is that you have to consider the changing in your light. With longer exposures even up to just four to eight seconds you may see the light go from dull to bright or the exact opposite. So keep that into account when you’re shooting as well.

Finally one thing that many people do not think about what time exposures is the fact that it takes a lot more time to do the pictures. So if you’re standing in an area for 15 or 20 minutes and there’s lots of mosquitoes around make sure that you take bug spray. Also make sure that you dress for the weather.

Yes I shoot the bridge a lot, the following picture is my most popular print of the bridge. Available for sale on my website by clicking the image below

Lethbridge High Level Bridge lit at night looking down the Oldman river with a full moon