Lethbridge grad or convocation? – How to survive!!

You would think after years of education that surviving your Lethbridge grad or convocation wouldn’t be that difficult. But for many it is one of the most stressful things that they have done, or will do up till they get married. You not only have to follow the rules of your school for the different events and the functions but you also have to navigate family and friends.  Tossed into this many things cost money and your best to start planning well in advance.

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Lethbridge grad or convocation costs

One of the first things that you should do is figure out what you’re going to require as far as finances go. Now if you’ve talked to your parents into paying for it it’s not a big deal. But if you’re like many and you’re paying for it out of your own pocket, planning in advance can save a lot of problems.   Planning on things like what clothes you’re going to purchase or rent or whether you’ll be having a limo. You may also want to have a luncheon for those that are not able to come to the supper.

How much you’re going to spend on photos to remember the special occasion. The costs the school will be charging you to graduate or for convocation. The cost for the events that you want to attend such as banquets. Sitting down a few months in advance and writing down your expenses will help you plan more efficiently.

Grad or convocation STRESS

The next thing that you’re going to have to navigate is all the stress that will come from not only the school but also from family. This a big event for you but in many cases it’s also a big event for the family. Who are you going to invite? Who are you going to give pictures to? Who’s going to come to the ceremony? Who’s coming to the banquet? You are best to start figuring this out well in advance. This way you can run it past family & friends to see what their expectations are.

Thinking that your reclusive grandmother doesn’t want to come to the ceremony may seem right to you. But you may be shocked to find out that she has been waiting for this day since the day you were born.  You may plan on inviting your favorite cousin only to find out that they also have a grad that weekend.   Likewise who are you going to take as your date? Maybe that person that you’re expecting to take is working that day. If they do want to come they will have to book it off. You should give them plenty of notice so they will be able to get it off.

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Remember dates

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As the day gets closer remember what dates things have to be confirmed and paid for. Many times the school will require you to officially request that you are going to the graduation or convocation.

There may be a fee that you have to pay to be included in that event. That may have to be paid months in advance when you are still writing exams. Other times you need to have the number of people who are attending with you submitted to the school well in advance so they allocate space for you.

You’re also going to have to make sure that you order your suit if you’re renting one. Or you purchase your gown well in advance. You may need to have alterations. If there are lots of grads happening around the same time you may find it hard to get the alterations done on time. Preparing early can help you eliminate a lot of stress.

If you’re inviting people from out of town let them know well in advance. You’re going to have to provide them with either a place to stay, or a list of places that they can stay at.  Again if there are a lot of grads happening around the same time things made book up early.

Check & confirm

Closer to the graduation or convocation you’re going to have to double-check and make sure that family and friends know the right date and times of all the events. You’re also going to have to confirm the alterations are going to be done on time. Or that your rental will be in on time.  Check well in advance!


You want to look good but almost as important, if not more important, is to dress comfortably. There will be a lot of walking, a lot of standing, a lot of sitting and more than likely a lot of heat. Dressing in a heavy dress or suit can cause you to baked. Your clothes may feel great in the store but remember you will be in them all day and some places are not air conditioned.

Shoes are another thing to consider. If you need to stand for 2 or 3 hours how are your shoes going to feel after that much time. Consider taking a comfortable pair and a formal pair.

THE DAY OF your grad or convocation

On the day of grad or convocation there are a number of things that you can do to make it go a lot smoother. Don’t schedule too many things to get done that day. Do as much as you can the day before.

Things such as picking up flowers or picking up your clothes.

If you’re having hair and makeup professional done make sure that you do a test run weeks before hand. That way you know what you want and the person that is doing it knows as well. Many people that I’ve done grad pictures for decided to have a more simple hair and makeup look. That way they don’t have to spend a ton of time having it done in the morning. 

Lethbridge Grad or Convocation pictures the day of or??

For pictures you can have them done well in advance or even after the event.   I have people that come to me for photos weeks or even months in advance. That way they can have their photo session done. The prints ordered, and even have the prints ready to give out on the day of grad or convocation.  

Some of my customers even have the sessions done after the grad. A time when the stress is over and they can actually enjoy having pictures done. If you are having pictures done the day of your grad or convocation make sure that you have it scheduled correctly. Either after the ceremony or during a break from the rest of the activities that will not rush you.

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HEAT & grad or convocation!!

Remember that a lot of times grads and convocations happen when the weather is warming up. Add to that many of the places ceremonies are held are not air-conditioned.  

I have been at many ceremonies were people were on the verge of passing out from the heat and lack of something to drink. At the same time I’ve been to ceremonies were people of had lots to drink before the ceremony. Then they had problems getting through the ceremony without going to the bathroom.

I recommend not drinking a lot before the ceremony. Instead take a bottle of cold water with you. That way you can sip it while the ceremony goes on and on and on.

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Patience is a virtue. During a graduation or a convocation ceremony you need a lot of patience. It seems that many schools want to take this time to draw things out as long as they can. Awarding honorary degrees. Having special guest speakers that you’ve never heard of. More speakers that you’ve never heard of. Having people talk about stuff that has nothing to do with the ceremony. And so on and so on and so on. 

Hopefully if you scheduled everything correctly you won’t be in a rush when the ceremony goes over time. In fact I always tell my clients if they want pictures done on the day of their ceremony to schedule them at least an hour after they were told the ceremony was to end. This way they’re not rushing to get from the school to the site of the pictures. 


Like so many other things in life your grad or convocation only comes around once. Take this time to enjoy it. Plan it, let people know what’s happening, and then enjoy what happens. You can’t control everything, nor should you try.

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