Canvas Printing – Prices

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Float Frame, adds a finishing touch

Paterson Photography is the leader in canvas printing in Lethbridge & southern Alberta. Other places print on the cheapest canvas they can find or use latex printers. This gets you low prices and low quality. But not at Paterson Photography. I have gone the route of quality and service over cheap garbage. Your images will look the best they can and will last so you can enjoy them for years to come.

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Gallery Wrapped or Stretched

Canvas Printing – First and still the best!!!!

We were the first lab in Lethbridge to offer digital canvas prints. The first to offer professionally coated canvas prints and still the only one to offer this process. This is recommended by canvas manufacturers to preserve the canvas. We are still leading the way today!

Our services range from standard canvas prints. Foam board mounted canvas, stretched canvas (5/8″ & 2″), coated canvas prints and floater frames.

Many times canvas will not suit the print, I will let you know if your image will look good on canvas. I print so the image will look it’s best, not to increase my sales!

When you trust Paterson Photography with your canvas prints you will be amazed at the service and the quality!!!

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We use Epson paper and media for the best prints

The different canvas services that we offer:

Canvas prints – these are canvas prints that are printed to the requested size.  Can be coated or uncoated.  These prints can also be mounted on foam board and framed to display.

Stretched canvas – These prints are printed larger than the requested image size. Then they are stretched on your choice of 5/8″, 3/4″ or 2″ stretcher frame. They may be displayed as is once stretched. Can be coated or uncoated.

Float Frame – We take your stretched canvas and mount it in a float frame.  In my opinion this the THE way to show off your canvas!!!!  Looks more finished than just a stretched canvas!!! Has more depth than just a standard canvas mounted on foam board.

Coated or no coating…..

You are free to choose a coated or uncoated canvas print.  Myself I strongly recommend the coating and so do the canvas manufacturers. If you’re looking for quality and spending the money on a canvas get it coated so it lasts!!  I have seen uncoated canvas ruined in only weeks because the ink ran or someone touched the canvas with wet fingers. Coating will stop that!!  If you order a canvas uncoated IT CANNOT BE COATED LATER. I use two special canvas media. One is designed for coating the other can not be coated.

Canvas printing, coating and mounting (on foam board, must be framed)

Print sizes – I can print any size print you are looking for. Need an 18×24 no problem, need a 12×12 no problem. Contact me if you want a price as there are way to many sizes to list here.

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Stretched canvas

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Mirrored Edge on a 2″ wrap / stretched canvas

When you have a canvas stretched the print size is as requested, BUT due to the fact that the canvas is stretched it is printed in a larger size to allow for the canvas to go around the edges, this means that the price is a little more to include the amount needed for the wrap.

Prices Below……

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Frame your canvas print