Camera Tune Up

Well I always tell my students that if they want the best images that they need to maintain their cameras to keep them running properly, make sure that you keep the camera and lenses clean and more importantly make sure that your menus are set properly. A regular camera tune up will save a lot of time and issues.

This past weekend when shooting at Writing On Stone in Southern Alberta I took some great pictures with one of the 40D’s that I took with, then grabbed another one and noticed that something was not right.  Camera was working fine, pictures looked good, but something was wrong.  This afternoon I had a few minutes so I thought that I would check out the cameras – WOW talk about changed settings – it was like two completely different cameras.  I use my cameras to teach with so sometimes I change things when teaching, but I always thought that I put them back to the original settings.  To go through everything that I had changed would take pages – even my clock on one camera was WAY out.  So I took a few minutes and went through all the settings.

What things should you be checking on a regular basis, here are a few:

ISO – Make sure you have not set it for some special picture and never turned it back.

Auto / Manual Focus – Make sure that put this back on your preferred setting – for me it is AF

Image Stabilizer – Make sure you turn it back on after using a tripod

Date & Time – This should not get changed unless you are like me and show people how to change the time and forget to set it back.

Shooting Mode – I usually never adjust this, but sometimes things get set without you knowing.

Custom Settings – If you do set up a custom function I recommend you make a note of it so you know what you have set and what you need to set back to the proper setting.

Also, when checking all your camera settings take some time to make sure that you have the most recent version of the firmware installed. This can make some huge differences in eliminating problems.

A few minutes now will make sure that your camera is set to get those amazing pictures later.

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