Looking for the best photo prints in Lethbridge

You have found the lab that offers the best photo prints in Lethbridge. Personalized service is all part of what I offer.

My business was founded on the principle of offering the best quality photo printing possible. I am not the biggest just the best photo printer in Lethbridge.

I only use the best printers, media and ink that is available. The files are checked before being sent to the printer and the prints are inspected after they are printed to maintain the best quality possible.

All the files are checked for color, density and cropping. This ensures you get the best photo prints in Lethbridge or any place for that matter.

The best photo prints in Lethbridge for all levels of photographers.

Best Photo printing Lethbridge

I do not print for just the professional photographers. I print for all levels of photographers. From someone who snapped a picture on their smartphone, to someone just starting out learning their camera to the professional photographer that shoots for clients.

Everyone’s work is as important as everybody else’s work. Turn around time is based upon first come first served. If you’re a beginner photographer you can expect the same level of service and the same turnaround time as any other photographer that prints with me.


You are also able to select do not adjusted settings for your images. I have found that a lot of professional photographers like to do their own color correcting and adjustments. I offer the ability to print your digital files without having your images adjusted in any way.

Personalized professional service is all part of what I offer as well. I WILL not sell you a product or a service if it’s not actually going to improve your photo prints.

Photo paper & media to get you the best photo prints in Lethbridge

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Many times photos printed on the wrong media will look horrible. I hope you to select the correct media for your prints so that they look the best they can.

Whether that will that be selecting a Luster photo paper or a more artistic paper.

You are able to select from media such as metallic paper or a fine art paper or canvas.

Submitting your digital files

I am here to help you get the best photo prints from your digital files.

Upload files for printing, Photo lab

You can bring in your files for printing to my Lethbridge office or you can upload online and your prints will be ready when you arrive.

I do everything I can to give you the best service and quality possible.

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Why Paterson Photography Ltd. / First Choice Photo for all your photo printing?

Paterson Photography Ltd. / First Choice Photo in Lethbridge Alberta is designed to be exactly the opposite of all the other photo labs that you will come across. We are not a large discount store that sells diapers, toilet paper and medication. We don’t sell clothes nor do we sell cell phones. Our job is to do one thing and one thing only. Make you the best photo print that’s possible. Whether that be from printing digital files from your camera or cell phone. Printing your old negatives and slides or restoring your old photos.

Our job is simple

To give you the best possible image that you can get no matter the source.

Additionally we believe in something else that the other places don’t believe

We believe you deserve to be treated with respect and to have your questions answered by a master photographer. NOT a part time person from stock that wanted more hours. We also do not push you off to a self serve machine to fend for yourself. We help you every step of the way.

When you want quality printing along with quality service WE ARE YOUR ONLY CHOICE!!! Always ready to help to give you the best!