Artist reproductions

We are the source for quality artist reproductions in Lethbridge. For that matter we are the preferred source for many arts across Canada.

For over 38 years I have been doing artist reproductions in Lethbridge.

As the years have progressed so has my techniques and equipment. I actually spent a over two years designing a system that would allow me to capture images with the least amount of glare and distortion.

This allows me to capture the rich depth of an artist painting or drawing in digital format.

Then using state-of-the-art equipment and the best available photo media I am able to reproduce those files into highly accurate photo reproductions. Allowing artists to sell copies of their work in various sizes and various formats at craft fairs, markets and on their websites.

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I have artists that use my service from all across Canada. In fact I have a number of world famous artists that use me for digitizing their work and many also use me for printing of their work.

I have several artists that fly in at least once a year to Lethbridge with their artwork in order to have me digitize it. Many also have me print their Giclee reproductions.

Artst Karen Coe behind a large piece of her artwork after having it digitized

As an additional service for some of my regular clients I archive their files for them. This way when they need to order they can just order by print number. This saves them having to find the files and send in for printing. It also ensures that all their files are backed up at a separate location.

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Give me a call today, I would be happy to discuss your art work and digitizing needs.