Yes I am the boss

It is a sentence that I don’t often use. “Yes I am the boss (owner, CEO, cleaner,repair guy, marketing guy, etc). I am the guy you are looking for”. Mostly I use it when someone does not expect that I am the person they have come to see.  In fact I think that the only times that I have had to use it was like today. When I was washing the floors and cleaning the bathroom and a customer stops in. There I am doing my daily & weekly janitor work.

What is most surprising to me is that some people think if you own your own business that you don’t do the dirty jobs.  It may come as a shock but I do more housekeeping being the “boss” than most employees do at their jobs.  That involves cleaning the floor, toilet, sink. Taking out the garbage, filling holes, painting, replacing light bulbs and a lot more. Being the “boss” does have some advantages. But at the same time it also means that there is no one else above me to do the work or look after the problems.

When I teach photography and students tell me that they want to become a professional photographer I often tell them that it is a great job. As long as you like photography. But you better also like everything that comes along with it. You will wear a lot of hats and sometimes all at the same time. On a typical wedding day I start out doing house cleaning around the studio. Checking and repairing my studio and photography gear. Some weddings I am the caterer getting snacks ready for the wedding party for the photo session. Then I am the photographer, corsage person. Runner to get the bride a tissue, counselor, bouncer. Clothing repair guy, clean up guy, phone guy, pick up and drop off person and a lot more.

So if you want to be a photographer, or in any business where you are the boss make sure that you are learning more than just how to book a tee time at the local golf course.  Learn everything that you can about your business and any thing else that you may be required to do.

Excuse me now while I go and finish my vacuuming 🙂

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