Yes I am guilty……

I have to say off the start that I am as guilty as anybody.  So what is it that I am guilty of?  Well I am guilty of the “Waterton syndrome”, the feelings or thoughts that the only place to go in southern Alberta is to Waterton.  That if you cannot get to Waterton that you should stay home.  Now I do LOVE Waterton, I love the mountains and the animals.  I love all the scenery from tiny flowers to huge waterfalls but when I am honest with myself I am doing a great disservice to the other places in Southern Alberta.

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Dinosaur Provincial Park

I’m sorry

What has brought this up? Well it is a lot of things but mainly this past Monday my son and I went on a road trip with no place in mind, just to get out and explore and see.  I took a camera and my son took his GoPro but for me it was more to see with my eyes then to photograph.  We started heading south of Taber to Horsefly Lake, a major bird stopover on the migration route.  Saw some birds and enjoyed some bird songs before heading on. From there we grabbed some lunch in Taber then headed north.  Drove up highway #36 towards Brooks with the thought of stopping at Lake Newell. Well I missed the south turn off to get to the lake so I decided that I would head to Brooks first then come back to the lake. 

Go north

When I got to Brooks I found myself on the road that goes north over the Trans Canada and before I had a chance to turn around I saw a sign for Dinosaur Provincial Park.  Well I thought it would be a nice drive and I was right. But even better than the drive was the park!  Now please understand if you visit the Alberta Parks link to the park it is less then underwhelming. It is depressing.  But it could be that to show the park in pictures is completely impossible.

I am sure that I have been here before but I honestly cannot remember the amazing views that the park has to offer. I was in awe!  Stopping at the viewpoint it was a shock to see the depth and the size of the park.  Wandering around the park was amazing, something that I can HIGHLY recommend for anyone and everyone.  I took a few pictures but the flat light and clouds of the day was not great for photos. But the memory of this place is one of the top memories from many years of travel. I am going to try really hard to make it back there and often!

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Dinosaur Provincial Park

After visiting the park for a while we headed back towards home but not before stopping at Lake Newell. Another amazing place that does not get enough attention from me.  I know the place is crazy busy in the summer but to even stop for a while at such an amazing place is well worth it. Add to that the waterfowl that call the shoreline home and it is a photographer’s happy spot!!!

I will not be avoiding Waterton but it is so nice to know that we have many other places. Plus they are only a short drive from home that we can go visit!

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