Wine / glass carriers – woodworking

The latest wood project a wine carrier. For those that don’t know my other hobby / side business is making wood products. I like to make products that either my daughter, daughter-in-law or I sell. In December I built a couple wine/ glass carriers and they were still in the garage waiting to be finished. With the crazy winds of Saturday I needed something that I could do inside and finishing the carriers was just what I needed. But first I had to build another mountain frame for a print so I started with building that.

Work shop

I built the mountain frame and while the glue was drying I got the wine carriers out and cleaned them up to be stained. I LOVE this part!! This is when I get to go into the storage room under the basement stairs where I store my paints and stains and select the stain color. It is hard to select only one color so I picked out three colors (usually I pick more than I need so I can narrow it down by staining a piece of test wood) then I headed out to the garage. To me I feel that each item has colors that compliment it and colors that don’t.

Stain Time

The first color I selected I LOVED!!! It was a Minwax stain called Sedona Red that I fell in love with. It went so well with the rope handle they looked like they were made for each other. I got the first one stained then set out to do the second one. The second one I tried a couple stains till I found out which one I liked the best. The second one I settled on a stain from Minwax called Provincial as it reminded me of something from a old ship galley and the wooden handle just looked like it needed that color.

Both carriers looked amazing once stained. I finished up the carriers and let them dry over night. Sunday with the snow I decided that a photo shoot was in order. The good thing with having something to photograph and a warm house to do it in is that you can take your time and enjoy the process. I love shooting, looking at the items then doing more pictures. A snack in between is good as well!

Canon 5DMIV
Canon 24-70
400 ISO hand held
Lighting is diffused outside light and the dining room light.

Wine glass carrier
Wine & glass carrier
Wine / glass carrier
Wine & glass carrier

So the next time you find yourself with time on your hands thanks to the weather find something to photograph and make a day of it.

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