White Turtle II

The wait for the White Turtle II was a long one. There are lots of RV’s in the world but few that meet all our needs. The White Turtle II was the vehicle that I wanted for so many reasons.

It has the space to move around inside without being so long outside that it is a pain to drive. I like an RV that you can take places and this unit was fun to drive and easy to drive. From the truck camper to this unit I gained almost double the usable inside space with the overall length staying about the same. Most of all the Turtle II allowed me to move from the cab to the camper without going outside. At night I could leave all my camera gear on the front passenger seat and still have access to it when I wanted to shoot.

I found the make and model I wanted in my first month of looking. Unfortunately I could not find one that was in the condition that I wanted for almost a year. When I did get it I was SO happy!!! I went to Calgary to pick up the Turtle II, took camping gear and headed out camping.

The first camping trip was a great shake down time. Turtle II came with everything except the bedding. I went to a favorite spot and picked a camping spot and plugged in. Instant house!!!! Air conditioning, hot water, microwave lots of space……… I was in heaven.

When I got home I did a few small upgrades but the unit was so well made and thought out that it needed nothing. I did add some warm weather mods including a lot more battery power but that was it.

Because it is so small it drives like a car. It is easy to park and back up and not that hard on gas. I thought I had done all my research on it but I came across one area that was an issue. It is wide!! Not wide for how most people will use a unit like this but wide for the dirt trails and mountain roads that I like to travel. It measured about the same width as the truck camper but I soon found that the truck camper was wide up higher and narrower lower down. The Turtle II is wide from top to bottom. On regular roads not an issue but on many roads I travel on it was too wide.

After several trips I came to realize all at the same time that I do not like busy campgrounds and being as wide as I am I cannot get into the back country. If I was going camping a campground with all the services is great. As much as I love the Turtle II it was not working for the back-country. So I went looking for the next unit – what would be the Turtle III.

I still have the Turtle II because I am conflicted on keeping or selling it. When it comes down to it if I keep it I need to use it more. It is too good a unit to leave sit in the driveway all year.

January 2019 – I decided that it was time to sell it. It only left the driveway twice last year and both trips were to a local lake. It is in too good of shape to leave it sit and not get used. I will miss it!!