White Balance

Well when I get one person asking about something I usually get more so I thought that I would talk quickly about white balance (may do a picture or two to add to this later).

Question: “Why are my pictures such a strange color lately?   Is / could my camera be broken?”

Answer: Sure your camera could be broken, but more than likely it is just the smoke and haze that is in the air.  If you are shooting with your white balance on sunny, cloudy or shade you may be noticing that you images are looking rather warm (okay VERY red).  This is because the color of the light is on the red side because of the haze and smoke and when you shoot on sunny, cloudy or shade the camera is not able to adjust this out using the white balance.  This will more than likely be really bad with shade or cloudy as these settings add red to the pictures already.

Good news is that sunset pictures will look amazing and a moon shot will have a real red hue to it.  Bad news is that people are going to look a little overcooked.

How do you compensate for this?  Set your white balance to Auto, this will allow the camera to take out a lot of the red.  If you are taking pictures that are very color sensitive then I would shoot in RAW and adjust the color in post processing to pull out the red.


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