What to buy the photographer on your list

An oldie but a goodie, gifts for the photographer on your list …..

I get asked a lot from photographers and those that have to buy gifts for a photographer what is good to get/give for a present.  I have answered this before but thought that it is a good time to do it again as I have been asked many times this week. So lets go through some things;


Unless someone really needs a new camera it is more important to get better lenses than to get another camera body.  A GOOD lens will do far more to improve a photo than a camera body will. Don’t upgrade a camera just to get a new camera, save the money and get some pro lenses it will amaze you the difference a great lens makes to your photography. If you are buying for someone make sure you get them the lens that they need and not just any lens.

Canon 5D Mark IV with grip / battery holder.
Canon 5D Mark IV with grip / battery holder.


If you are getting a tripod for yourself or someone else, get a good quality one.  A cheap one will break or move too much and cause more issues than it fixes.


A cool gift for someone that likes hiking is a walking stick with a tripod head built in.  Also, if you have someone that wants a little more stability when shooting a monopod gives that without the weight and size of a tripod.

External Hard drive

A photographer never has enough storage space for digital files.  An external hard drive can fix this problem.

Hand Warmers

(okay I am a wimp and I admit it) My daughter bought me a set of reusable hand warmers a few years ago, WOW are they nice.  Last about 20 minutes and will take the cold off when shooting, or to keep with you in case of emergency.

Warm clothes / boots

(see wimp comment above) – Standing and shooting is different than doing other things outside.  If you have someone that likes to shoot outside in cold weather this is great!  Boots are an awesome accessory as warm feet can make even cold weather feel so much better.

Camera bag/ backpack

 Most people have a camera bag that they have outgrown.  A new camera bag that holds all the equipment is a great idea.

A Course/Adventure/Expedition for the photographer

 (I had to put this in) One of the top presents that we sell at Christmas is our courses.  A location course, studio course or adventure is a great gift.  Like one customer that received one last Christmas said “In addition to the learning the best thing was a day with another photographer that allowed me to take the time to take the pictures that I wanted”

If you do not know what someone wants, or the make and model, give them cash.  Don’t give gift cards if you can help it. Gift cards commit them to having to shop at a specific store. You may think that store A is the right place as they sell camera equipment but they may not sell the equipment the person wants and now they have a gift card to a store they don’t shop at.

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