What plans!

I HATE HAVING PLANS!!! I know I need to have a rough idea of what I am doing each day. But laying out hard and fast plans for me never works.

Yesterday was an example of that.

I was asked for a appointment from a client for the morning. Moved things around to free up the morning only to have that person reschedule. I knew I had to drop my son off at 9am. Then pick him up before lunch and that all worked out. But the entire afternoon went to the opposite of what was planned. I had a meeting at 5 to look at a trailer. So I told someone else that I would be here after 5:30 and the 5pm meeting got cancelled. I had a meeting at 5:45 – 6 for a pick up. I waited till 6:15 before I went out to take some cloud pictures.

Found out that the camera I keep at the studio had major dust on the sensor so decided to clean the sensor. Could not get it cleaned after a couple tries. The clouds were moving on so I decided to run home and grab another camera. Then the person from 5:45 was here. Had to power up a computer to transfer files. By the time I was ready to head home and grab another camera the clouds were not worth the effort to shoot.

No plans to clean a sensor
Dust, this is after 20 + cleanings!!!

Good news

The entire day went off the rails and my plans were useless. On the good side of things I did find out that the sensor on the studio camera needed cleaning 🙂 So I decided that I would work on that Wednesday morning. I also found out that the studio camera was not as sharp as I like. After some tests I found out what aperture was the best for the lens that I am now use on it.

Nice and clean!!!

I did get some small projects cleaned up and some stock ordered but not what I had planned on doing.

Most days run better than Tuesday but when you run your own business you need to be flexible…. REALLY FLEXIBLE!!!

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