No matter if you love the weather or hate it, you cannot change it.  But his morning the weather was so variable that all you needed to do was to travel a few kilometers and you not only changed the weather you changed the seasons.

I woke before dawn to a nice steady rain, had to look at the calender to make sure that I had not slept through February and March into April.  Checked out all the windows in the house just to make sure that someone was not playing a cruel joke on me and spraying our house with water.  Sure enough it was raining.  When I looked to the east I could watch a nice sunrise as the clouds over our house only extended half way to the horizon, to the east it was clear.  Nothing new for this area, we can often be directly below a weather system and even have different weather on different sides of the house.  A quick check of the weather station showed that it was 3 degrees and absolutely no wind – a perfect February morning, even if it did seem more like April!  During breakfast I was serenaded by the screams of a Kestrel looking for food in our backyard, a sure sign that spring is slowly arriving as they seem to only frequent this area in the spring and summer, maybe with the rain he thought that it was April as well.  After breakfast it was time to take the kids to school and walk the dog.  Rain had stopped in our area and now it was mainly cloudy blocking out the rays of the slowly rising sun.  After dropping the kids off I got to our favorite dog walking area and started our walk in what could only be described as an adventure in weather.  To the south on the Milk River ridge I could watch a dark gray bank of clouds rumble over the ridge, I was actually expecting to see lightning light up the sky as the clouds looked more like summer than winter,  but the lightning never appeared.  To the east the clouds had broken and I could see the rays of the sun reach the earth, could even see the rain that had moved east washing the earth.  I turned to the west and could briefly see the mountains getting what looked to be another dump of snow, and to the north it was cold and cloudy.  In the matter of 20 minutes and looking out over a few hundred kilometers in all directions you could see the seasons and the weather change.  Now I am back home and the clouds have once more changed to more of a cold gray winter look than the warming of April.  It amazes me that in such a short time things can change so much.  I spend a lot of time in the mountains with the quick changes of weather but this morning not only could you see the weather change around you you could see what everyone else was getting and the different seasons.

Well it is time to head out into the rain/ wind/ sun/ snow/ clouds/ etc.

Enjoy the day and the weather.

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