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First let me say that I really feel sorry for the lady that I am about to mention, it makes me sick to think of what she is going through. But with that being said we are responsible as photographers to do everything in our power to protect the images that we take.

Was watching the news this morning and heard about a photographer that was visiting Calgary and had her laptop and hard drive stolen.  On the laptop and hard drive was pictures from a client’s wedding and a family sitting.  Again let me say that I really feel bad for the photographer, but there is something wrong here.  Why would a photographer take the only files with her and not have a back-up?  To me a back-up is having your files on a couple different hard drives with at least one set stored away from the other.

I have said for a longtime that we need to do all we can to ensure that we are keeping our customer’s files safe and this would have been so easy to do on this case.  Cost would have been $105 to buy a 2tb external hard drive and a few minutes to save the files to the extra drive then leave this drive at home or at a friends.

Please if you are doing any work for clients make sure that you are backing up.  Backing up can be as easy as an extra hard drive.  If you are not sure of what to do give me a call and I will help you setup a complete back-up system.


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