Waterton Park

I had to start out with Waterton as this is one of the close to home places that I love to go.  Lately I have not found it too much fun on busy holiday weekends but I think that is because I am getting old.  Waterton has it all Hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, hiking and so much more. Why do I like Waterton?  The different looks and feel for pictures is the big thing as well as something for the entire family.

My ranking scale

0 Nothing, does not have

1 Poor to 10 GREAT (selection and value)!!!!!

Accommodations (Hotels, Hostels, Motels, Lodges) – 9 – Falls short on price for a large family

Camping (camp spots and amenities) – 10 – Has a large selection from full power sites in the town to rustic sites at Belly River and Crandell.  Also has private sites outside of the park.  VERY windy in the town site campground but also the only one with hook-ups in the park.

Family oriented (Playgrounds, Family hikes, Theater programs, etc) – 8 – No playgrounds in the campgrounds for the kids, very strange!  Great selection of hikes and theatre programs in the high summer season July & August.  Off season nothing.

Amenities (grocery, snack bar, boat rentals, etc) – 9 Lots of things but only in the high season and prices are high as well.  Great ice cream shop, you need to have a waffle cone, my favorite!

Photography (locations, wildlife, etc) – 10 – It is waterton need I say more!

Jesses Falls
Jesse's Falls

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