Water damaged photos

Water damaged photos in my opinion, other than complete fire damage, are the worst to try to restore.

Water damage can take many forms but usually it is total destruction before a person finds out about the damage. A photo that’s only been in the water for a short time is usually salvageable. But if a photo has been in the water for a long time the photos turns into a mush. Even handling them can result in total destruction.

So what should you do if you have water damaged photos.

First do not handle the photos any more than necessary. The more the photos are handled or transported the more damage that they will sustain.

Second ignore a lot of stuff that said online about how to save your photos. Most of this is wrong and can result in more damage. One popular thing that is suggested online quite often is to freeze your pictures. as I talk about in the video the freezing isn’t the problem it’s the unfreezing that can destroy them.

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In this video I talk about ways you can handle and restore your water damaged photos. Of all the damage that can happen to your photos water damage is one that you should deal with immediately.

If you are located in Lethbridge or Southern Alberta give me a call. I’ll be happy to help you make a plan to get the best restoration from your water damage photos. Also I am more than happy to take a look at your photos and let you know whether there is any hope of restoration. If you do decide to have them restored I can let you know what you should expect in a timeline and in a cost.

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