TV – how low can it go????

Now before I start let me say that I like to watch TV, in fact I could be called a TV addict if the truth was told.  That is one reason that I do not have cable as I would watch more TV then is good for me.  Well I think even one show today is more than what is good for you.  Just watch what happens on a average show and how misleading it is and if you are honest with yourself you will find that we are watching garbage!!!  I watch a number of shows that if you were to

dissect the show you would find that just about 100% of the show is misleading – from the guy that can stop a major attack by typing in a couple letters on a computer and having the computer tell him everything he needs in 20 seconds, to the guy that can fix a car engine that was blown up in an attack with only a knife and the vehicle not only runs but it runs better than a new car off the showroom floor.  Or my favorite are the police shows that show a cop kick in a door and kill 6, 8 or 10 people without even saying who he is or giving them a chance to surrender. Lately the big ones are the shows that make the heroes super human and everything they face is “deadly” or “the worst ever seen”.

But even with all that garbage that we see the one that is causing me so many issues lately are the shows that have anything to do with photos.  Oh there are a lot that have photographers in them that show the photographer twisting a lens right and left a dozen times and then they are done with the shoot all without pushing the shutter, or the ones that show the photographer standing a foot from the subject and they are shooting hundreds of images in a few seconds and of course they are all great! But the big one for me are the ones that someone enhances a image and a underexposed, blurry image becomes so clear that they are able to see the criminal in a reflection of a mirror of a speeding car.  Why is this so bad?  Well almost daily I get a call from someone or someone drops in to get me to fix a image that is as bad as the ones from TV that they want to display on their wall and I am left telling these people that it is impossible.  I have even had clients tell me that I am lying to them as it was done on TV.  Or the person that shot the image with their cell phone and now they want it enlarged and I have to tell them that it is horrible to which I get the response “you can fix that right???”

Myself I love watching shows that are more truthful than fantasy but I know that even these shows are almost all garbage, but come on people we need to be honest with ourselves.  Plus we need to drop our expectations to a level that grasps onto reality.  If a $5000 camera cannot get a image in certain lighting situations do you truly think that a security camera is going to do it or a cell phone? I really don’t mind people asking but we have to accept that TV is TV and reality is, well it is reality!

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