Trying to survive cabin fever!!

I work hard at surviving cabin fever. I have been trying to get out camping all winter and nothing. Have gone out to take pictures of wildlife and again nothing.  Was so happy the other day that I saw some wildlife appear, saw an eagle, some hawks, some waterfowl and yes some gophers.

Gopher in snow
Gopher out for a early spring walk #1

It was a nice change from being locked in the house and trying to stay warm.

A few things that we should take note of if you are like me and look forward to the spring to start shooting again.  This is a good time to check over your equipment and to do some test shooting to get yourself back in shape before the animals start showing up. A few things to check out……

  • Go through all your camera settings or reset your camera and start from scratch if you don’t know what your settings should be
  • Check to make sure that your lens settings are correct (Auto focus, Image stabilizer on – etc.)
  • Check your tripod and adjust
  • Clear off your memory card (Reformatting is the best)
  • Clean your lenses
  • Check for sensor dust
  • Go through your camera bag and clean out
  • If you have items that need batteries check or change

It is strange how many things we forget when we don’t shoot for a few days (or months 🙂 )

Gopher in snow cabin fever
Gopher out for a early spring walk #2
Gopher in snow cabin fever
Gopher out for a early spring walk #3

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