Trying to find a bigger lens

Some things should not be so difficult. As I mentioned in another post I am looking at a bigger lens, yesterday on my way through Lethbridge I stopped at a camera store (I am sure everyone knows the one I am talking about). I went in to see what they had for big glass. The guy comes up to me, someone that I have never seen before and I am sure had no idea who I was and asked “Can I help you”, I told him I was looking for a lens over 600mm. His suggestion, which was a good one, was the Tamron 150 – 600, I told him that I was hoping for something larger as I already had the 150 – 500 Sigma. His response was “Oh a lens bigger than that is hard to find and that it is going to be REALLY expensive and VERY heavy”. No asking what camera system, no asking what my budget was nothing. I replied that I knew the cost and I was more concerned / interested to see one for the weight at this time. His response again was “anything that big will be expensive”, no other comment than that. Finally he asked what size I was hoping for and I mentioned that I was interested in the Canon 800 or the Sigma 300 – 800 and his response was “Oh yah they make one like that, we could order one for you if you like”. So much for help. In his defense I do think I interrupted his time on the computer so I excused myself and left. Time for a road trip to Calgary I guess if I want any more information!

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