Time for photographers to get real!

It is time for photographers to get real.   What do I mean?   There is so much garbage that is circulating in the photography industry and a lot of it is being promoted by photographers that it has to stop!!

I had some time today to read a magazine article by this “famous” photographer, I have no idea if he was famous or not but according to his article he was.  His work was VERY nice and I had nothing to doubt his claim that he was a world renowned photographer by looking at the quality of his work or reading how he made the images in the article.  I thought “this will be some good reading as he seems to know what he is doing and his work speaks volumes”, boy was I wrong.  The second paragraph disgusted me so much that I moved on real fast.  What did he say that offended me?  Well it was this “If you are going to make world class images you must use Lightroom, it is the only way to make your images look their best”, that was it one sentence.  Why does it bother me?  It seems that many photographers are more interested in dropping names and collecting cheques from manufacturers than telling the truth.  Do I think that he used Lightrooom?  Sure he did. Could he have used any other programs?  You bet he could have!  I use Photoshop and I love it, does everything that I want to do, but can other people use other programs and get some great images? Sure they can.  Likewise people tell me their pictures are so good because they use a specific brand of camera.  This is garbage!!  I know people that use all different manufacturers cameras and they take some great pictures, and some take horrible pictures but it has nothing to do with the manufacturer of the camera.

Daily I get calls asking about what type of camera, what software, what computer or what batteries, etc to use.  I am always cautious to recommend anything as some things that I like are great for me but would be horrible for someone else.  I have one client that has easily $100,000 of camera gear, some amazing items that even the camera shops cannot believe that they own!  Some of their pictures are amazing, many are okay and lots are garbage.  Is it the cameras fault? No!  Would the pictures be better if they bought another manufacturers camera?  NO!  I have another client that has a number of point and shoot cameras from all different manufacturers and the images that they get are amazing!  They buy cameras for what the camera does not the name on the body.

As photographers we have to stop telling people that only by using this or that will they get great pictures.  Taking pictures has a lot more to do with the person behind the camera or sitting in front of the computer than the name of the equipment!

I feel better, now it is time to go take some pictures 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Time for photographers to get real!”

  1. A perfect example of this is Scott Kelby. Has been a Nikon Shooter for years and recently switched to Canon, why, not because the Canon takes better images, but for what he desired in shooting NFL games, it offered him something more useful to his craft. He also uses both Lightroom and Photoshop to process images, each has their own strengths and weakness. I use both when processing my images, Lightroom is definitely a strong Utility that some people might find easier to use as the learning curve behind Photoshop is a bit more. I can’t believe they actually published this “famous” photographers statement. But like most magazines, advertising sells.

  2. Exactly Ken. I use Canon because I like the way that I can change settings when shooting, for me it works. But others find the same thing with Nikon. I know others that shoot Pentax because they like those camera bodies. Most magazines are just ads, articles are written to support a advertiser when they spend enough money. Unfortunately many people will take these articles as the truth and not question what is said.


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