Thursday April 9 2015 – Morning BC Photography Trip

Thursday April 9 2015 – Morning

A good nights sleep and a good breakfast before I hit the road makes for a happy Mike.  Only had to go 120kms today and did not have to be there till 4 to have supper with my daughter so I could take it easy today.  Not really warm when I got up but was warming up fast.  Got on the road early and within a couple minutes saw some train tunnels that I had to photograph.  Only problem was that there were a lot of train people working on the tracks so no trains would be coming through for a while.  Oh well, got a picture of a tunnel without the train anyways.

Then the next spot that I see is the place where the last spike was hammered in joining the rail lines across Canada so another stop was in order.

Okay enough train related things (yes I have a train addiction but most times it is under control) and on to something more important ICE CREAM!!!  If you are ever driving through BC and you find yourself in a town called Sicamous there is a dairy there called D Dutch Dairy and they have amazing ice cream, cheese and milk products.  So a quick stop there to get a small cone and a lot of cheese and it is time for some serious shooting.  Off to do some wildlife pictures.

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