Some things I can laugh off

Some things I can laugh off, some things I cannot. One thing that bothers me is when people ask for my help or opinion then go and ignore it. So many times people will ask what camera or lens they should buy for a particular type of photography. I will spend the time explaining things. Then they go out and buy the thing I told them not to buy. Then come and complain when it does not work.

Last month I had a photographer ask what course they should take to learn photography. I explained that they should start with the basics, build a good foundation, and move up from there. They did not want to learn the basics but went someplace else to take a more advanced photography course. Now they are calling me confused about what ISO is and how do they set their camera properly……… I told you!! I am trying to laugh it off, it is hard.

If you are just starting to take photography courses, start with the beginning and go from there. It is better to recap something than to not understand it.

We tend to be in a rush to try these amazing shots. Without a foundation to start with doing anything more than a simple shot will be difficult. Take your time, learn and grow. Then those amazing shots will not be so hard.


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