The rest of MR PORCUPINE!!!!!

Finally got the rest of the images edited from Mr Porcupine shoot.  Cannot believe how wimpy we are as humans and these animals do so well in the cold.

#Canon 70D

#Sigma 150-600 @ 600


Shot on Aperture Priority to keep my minimum aperture at F9 (my len’s sweet spot)

Hand held using vehicle frame to steady camera/ lens and my shivering 🙂

I looked for a porcupine for years and always missed them. People would come in and say they saw on or two in an area and by the time I got there they would be gone. FINALLY!!!

A nice light snack. © Paterson Photography Ltd.
Some bark a day will keep the cold away! © Paterson Photography Ltd.
What are you looking at? © Paterson Photography Ltd.

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