The frustration of photography

You think you have just shot your best image. But nobody else does.

I hear it so often from clients and friends and I feel it myself and that is FRUSTRATION with photography. 

  • You shoot what you think is a great picture and when you get to editing it sucks!
  • An amazing picture has hundreds of likes and you don’t sell any.
  • Friends and strangers compliment you on your work but get no bookings to shoot.
  • You see a horrible picture on social media and it has thousands of likes. Another picture that is amazing has a dozen likes

Some days the frustration is beyond belief and you wonder “Why do I do this”?  For me it is simple I am nuts!!!  Like the saying….

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity!!

I admit it – I have gone over the edge and am a long way from getting back to any part of being sane.  But my reason is this.  I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY and honestly would do it even if it was not my business.  So when I do not get any sales from a picture that I think is amazing and has hundreds of likes on social media, I am not happy but I understand.   When a person calls about a family picture and they tell me they love my work but my price is too high, it upsets me but I understand.

The reason…..

The reason this happens is simple! People do not know a good thing when they see it 🙂  Actually it is not that but thinking it can help with your frustration.

The real reasons are even simpler than that. Many people will say things without truly meaning them. It is easy to click a like on social media even if you don’t really care. You can easily type “GREAT picture” because it did not cost you anything to do it. 

The work around

Honestly get a thick skin. It is that simple. I have tried understanding people and I have found nothing else that helps. Enjoy your successes, forget about your failures. When you sell a print rejoice. If you don’t sell a print, there is always next time.

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