The search for the disappearing files…….

The disappearing files.

I have had a couple clients in the past month ask me the same question `What happened to my files? I went to transfer the files from my camera card to the computer and they disappeared!!”

When I had the first person ask me I dismissed it as a fluke, when the second person asked me I thought this is weird. Well last week I had it happen to me and that was just freaky. I went and did a shoot, came back and inserted the card like I always do and went to transfer the images from the DCIM folder on the camera card to the computer. Went and helped a client then came back and found that the pictures were not in the destination folder or the original DCIM folder. Talk about a bad feeling. Ran a search on the computer and found them on the camera card but not in a folder. I have checked and cannot find out why this happened (more than likely an issue when dragging and dropping) but it sure makes you a little concerned when this happens.

SO, if you have this happen don’t panic (at least right away ). Don’t change anything on your computer and go into the Start menu and launch a search from there for one of the image file numbers, make sure that you have it search in all drives and all folders (you can find out a file number for an image to search for by putting another camera card in your camera and taking a picture, use a number for searching one or two before this image number.) Once your computer finds that file ask it where the file is located and hopefully you will find the other files there as well.

If this does not help DO NOT USE the camera card with the missing images on it, bring me in your camera card and I can run a restore on it. Hopefully this will find your lost images.

If you have some how moved the files out of the DCIM folder putting the card in your camera will not help as the camera only looks in the DCIM folder images. At the same time do not format the card till the images are found.

It is not a good feeling to loose an image, or several hundred, but in most cases they are not lost just misplaced!

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