Spring getting closer!!!!!

Common Goldeneye Spring getting closer

The weather outside is frightful but spring is getting closer. Goldeneyes starting mating dance and battles. Was so nice to get out shooting today even with it being -10! Funny how a good day of shooting even in the cold will make me feel so much better. I would still like it to get warmer but I am happy for a few days. As an added benefit when it does warm up a few degrees then it feels even warmer.

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A colour checker for the camera bag

Paterson Photography Color chacker

Okay I am not one to buy something just because it may work. But I was thinking of this for a while. Then when I was watching a video today I saw that the presenter was using one I thought that I would make my own colour checker and see if it works. This is the first version. I already can see a number of changes that I would do, but first I will play with it for a while then make the changes.

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Camera set-up for photographing lightning

Lightning Set-ups I often get asked how I do my lightning pictures so I thought that I would take the time to show my current set-up. I have it tweaked so that it works really well. With this set-up I can shoot a storm and follow it across southern Alberta without a problem. I run …

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The business of photography – Part 2 – Marketing: Prints, Web Sites and Email

Marketing your photography business.

Some more work with a Full (or almost full moon)

I have been having a lot of fun these past few months shooting some work with full moons, or as it has been – almost a full moon.  In the past when I have wanted to shoot with the full moon more often than not I never knew when it was going to appear, or …

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