Photography Business – The Print

People have been asking me how to improve their photography business, simple it comes down to the print! The past couple of weeks I have had a chance to sit down with a number of photographers.  I have been hearing a lot of the same things from these people and I thought that it would …

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Getting great pictures!

Meadowlark Spring 2018
Meadowlark Spring 2018

Great picture

Getting a great picture is as much good fortune as anything.  I know many great photographers that understand their camera inside and out but they do not get any really great images.  I know other photographers that struggle to understand ISO and shutter speed but they get lots of great images. So why the difference???

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Bad photos… is it the photographer???

So you hired a photographer and you now have bad photos, so is it the photographer or is it you????

Over the years being in the photography industry I have taken many photos and have talked to many clients and photographers. I have heard many times from clients that they had hired a photographer before coming to me and they were really unhappy with the photos (never heard from most after I took the pictures what they thought of the work that I did), I have also talked to a number of photographers that have told me they heard that one of their customer’s were unhappy with the work they did.  So after a recent incident a client of mine had with another photographer it got me thinking of some of the problems that I have heard about, or experienced, in the past with photographers, is it really the photographer or could it actually be the client that caused bad photos?

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Yes I am the boss

It is a sentence that I don’t often use. “Yes I am the boss (owner, CEO, cleaner,repair guy, marketing guy, etc). I am the guy you are looking for”. Mostly I use it when someone does not expect that I am the person they have come to see.  In fact I think that the only times that I have had to use it was like today. When I was washing the floors and cleaning the bathroom and a customer stops in. There I am doing my daily & weekly janitor work.

What is most surprising to me is that some people think if you own your own business that you don’t do the dirty jobs.  It may come as a shock but I do more housekeeping being the “boss” than most employees do at their jobs.  That involves cleaning the floor, toilet, sink. Taking out the garbage, filling holes, painting, replacing light bulbs and a lot more. Being the “boss” does have some advantages. But at the same time it also means that there is no one else above me to do the work or look after the problems.

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Giving great customer service even when busy

Great Customer service, it has been a while since I was able to add to my list of companies that give exceptional service but today I did find one. On the weekend I was on my way back from Waterton and got a rock chip in the windshield. Called Benchmark glass and was told that …

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Are you shooting enough???

When you are taking pictures are you shooting enough images of each pose? I have the privilege of seeing a lot of AMAZING images that people bring to me to print.  I have seen pictures from just about all the local photographers and many national and international photographers.  I have to say that some of …

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