Beware of the frauds!!!

It almost seems like every time the phone rings or I get an Email, either at home or at work, it is someone trying to sell me something or trying to rip me off.  I know it is not that bad but some days it seems like it.  The problem is that it is getting harder and harder to figure out what is legit and what is a fraud.  Had a call the other day from a nice sounding lady that started with talking about the weather and photography, she had me thinking that she was calling about photography and was on the phone for just about 30 seconds till I heard in the background more people talking on phones.  This was my first clue that something was up.  Then she started talking about one of her interests and that she was so concerned about this area (will not say what it was as it may put other groups with the same purpose in a bad light). Then she asked in the course of a long ramble if I agreed to be charged for a undetermined sum of money to support them.  If I was not listening carefully I could have agreed to this charge.

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Are you ready for ????? (Part 2)

Are you ready????

I stopped where I did in the last post for a reason, I wanted to address something to start this post that you have to consider carefully before you decide what type of emergency that you have.  I mentioned that if you have had a major computer crash, lost power or the Internet at your house that you could go someplace else to use the Internet, but before doing this you need to decide if you really have to?  I know people that have an emergency an hour; “this is wrong”, “that happened”, “I cannot”, “I have to” and so on.  One person I know was panicking that they did not have Internet at home, but they had a smart phone that they could still check E-mails, text and post on Facebook but they were upset and were ready to drive 20 minutes in a snow storm to a friend’s house to use their computer when in fact they did not even need the Internet.

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Are you ready for ??????

It could be my upbringing, or it could just be me, but I seem to always be considering the “what ifs”. One of the big what ifs is what would I do if I suffered a major computer failure, or worse if we had a power or Internet failure that caused me to loose access to my computers, or the web, for a day, week or even a month?

Well I know a few things that I would do, first depending on the situation I would more than likely head to the mountains to camp (sorry that is my solution to many things, and it does help 🙂 )……

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External storage

External storage a quick caution (I must sound like a broken record). I am a big fan on using an external hard drive to store images, a low cost VERY effective tool to add storage to your computer. BUT there are a couple things to check, and it seems like many people miss this part …

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As many of you know I am a BIG fan of Photoshop, some days spending 8 – 12 hours using it.  But at the same time I am not a fan in any way of Photoshop CC – the version that you rent for X dollars every month.  That being said I need to clear up some misconceptions of Photoshop CC as there is a lot of misinformation kicking around about it.

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Actions for Photoshop

Continuing on with popular questions that I get is “Should I buy actions for Photoshop or Elements?” First what is an action? An action is a program that installs inside of Photoshop or Elements and does specific things like making the images sepia or saturated or unsaturated, etc, etc. Many people will know by now …

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