Cold Weather Camping

I hear from so many people that you cannot enjoy cold weather camping, well yes you can. Here are a few tips to make it more enjoyable.

Cold weather camping in Waterton Lakes National Park
Cold weather camping, Waterton Lakes National Park

You really do not need to put your campers and camping supplies away come September. In fact with more months of cold in Canada then warm head out and try some winter camping. With a few preparations you will be all set to make memories in the other 8 months of the year!

Make sure you do your research and prepare for emergencies. You will find that when others are bored at home you will be enjoying those long nights in your camper.

Cold weather camping tips here.

If you are a photographer you will also find that the winter gives you a lot of opportunities to shoot. Oppertunities that you would not have at other times of the year. Long nights and less air pollution allows you to take amazing night pictures, from Astro images to painting with light. Add to this a warm place to warm up and you may find you get addicted to winter shooting!

Cold weather and astro photography

If you always wanted to take some Northern light pictures then winter is the best time for this as well. Long nights give more chances to get the perfect image. It also seems that the winter makes the aurora a lot more active. So get yourself in your camper and head out to a dark sky area like Writing on Stone.