Jensen Reservoir a day trip

Took the White Turtle II out for a road trip to do some photography and enjoy the day at Jensen Reservoir. It was a breezy day but in southern Alberta that is not unheard of! Was a nice day for a drive and to do some pictures. Also gave me a chance to test some video equipment. I am waiting for the arrival of a shotgun mic so I can cut out some more wind noise and enhance the nature sounds but the cameras that I use do a pretty good job of that as long as the wind is not to strong.

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A short drive from Lethbridge this is a popular area for fishing and has some really nice landscapes. A great view of the mountains, especially Chief and the Milk River Ridge.

Jensen Reservoir
Looking into the valley at Jensen Reservoir

Not a lot of wildlife but depending on the time of year you may see a large number of birds as this seems to be on a major migration route. Can be windy and in the winter very cold as the winds blow in from the mountains.

Jensen Reservoir a visitor
A curious visitor

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Spring 2019 Lethbridge River Bottom

Spring 2019

Thought it would be fun to see what birds had returned to the river bottom now that spring 2019 is here. While it may say spring on the calendar the birds never got the message. There were a few of the regulars but not a lot of new comers. After it being so cold for so long I understand why there is not a hug influx of returning birds. If I was them I would be waiting down south till I knew that the warm weather was here to stay. I did see a couple Robins, a few Starlings and a Franklin Gull but that was it.

Spring 2019 the melt is on!!
I love seeing the reflection in the water. Means the ice is melting!!!!

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Canada Geese

Canada Geese on ice. Chilling out

There is always one trying strike up the band!!!

Reminds me of a conductor at the height of a major movement, unfortunately the band is asleep on this one.

A cold January morning finds the gees flocking to the last open ice on the lake. I would rather be someplace warmer but they seemed to like the cold water. A hot tub would have been my first choice!

Stafford Lake, Alberta

Canada Geese

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