Humidity – not just another number :-)

Many things in life amuse me, many you really do not want to know. But this last cold snap I got amused by of all things humidity….. or in my case lack of humidity!!!!
Humidstat to measure humidity
Humidistat © Paterson Photography Ltd. Lethbridge

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Some more work with a Full (or almost full moon)

I have been having a lot of fun these past few months shooting some work with full moons, or as it has been – almost a full moon.  In the past when I have wanted to shoot with the full moon more often than not I never knew when it was going to appear, or …

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Astro Photography

Astro photography, the next challenge! I always enjoy a new area of photography and this past weekend I had the chance to do some work in an area that I have really started to like. Astro photography.  Astro photography is not your typical fast paced set-up and snap a picture, it takes patience. Some of …

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Food Grain Harvest

Was just going through a number of pictures and found these from the food grain harvest outside of Coaldale. It was a great day and the pictures turned out fantastic! I fell in love with the old combine, as you can see…. and a couple newer units This is an amazing event. Using some of …

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Another GREAT Waterton Workshop

September 25 saw a Waterton Workshop about painting with light. The only thing that I can say is that I have never had such good weather in Waterton.  Started at 7pm and the class was suppose to go till 9pm and we finished well after 10!  The wind was not even a slight breeze. The …

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