Trying to survive cabin fever!!

I work hard at surviving cabin fever. I have been trying to get out camping all winter and nothing. Have gone out to take pictures of wildlife and again nothing.  Was so happy the other day that I saw some wildlife appear, saw an eagle, some hawks, some waterfowl and yes some gophers.

Gopher in snow
Gopher out for a early spring walk #1

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Change the way you shoot???

So you heard about how someone else is shooting and you decided that you would change the way you shoot. But just wait a minute – is it going to make you a better photographer?

In my courses I always tell my students to work on the KISS principal, Keep It Simple Stupid!  Many of these great new ideas that people are pushing are everything but helping to keep it simple. When I shoot I always start with the simple, most times you will find my camera set to Program, 400 ISO, single spot for focus and the focus set to one shot.  It is as simple as I can make the settings. It keeps the camera from making a lot of changes on me and still allows me to get a picture as soon as possible from picking up the camera.  So if I am driving down the road and see a bear I can pull over and push the shutter button and I know that I will get an image, it may not be the best image for lighting or depth of field but I will have something and most times it will be a good exposure and it will be sharp.  From there I will adjust my settings to the shooting situation to get the best exposed image.

This bear picture was one such situation, I was driving down a road, and I had to stop for traffic and when I looked out the drivers window there was the bear. So without having to change any settings I took this photo and had myself a okay picture.  Then I did some changes to the camera settings and took some more pictures. Fortunately for me I got the first picture as the bear moved and the other pictures were not as good for where teh bear was standing.  Total time from seeing bear to getting the first picture 10 seconds, another 15 seconds to make some changes and the subject was not in as good a place as for the first picture.

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Astro photography rule of 600

The rule of 600 for Astro photography For those that like to take star pictures and are trying not to have star trails the rule of 600 is something that you need to know for this and your other Astro Photography. The rule is as follows, you take the millimeters of the lens that you …

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Buying used – a photographers guide

Buying used photography equipment can be a great way to save some money if you take a few precautions.

Some more work with a Full (or almost full moon)

I have been having a lot of fun these past few months shooting some work with full moons, or as it has been – almost a full moon.  In the past when I have wanted to shoot with the full moon more often than not I never knew when it was going to appear, or …

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