Van & NO SNOW – White Turtle III

Spring – no snow!

If you do not live where the temperatures drop crazy low and the snow piles up you may not get this but today I got to take the van out without snow and cold!!! Don’t get me wrong the van works great in both but it is SOOO nice to be able to open the doors and windows or to get into the van and not worry about the cold or the snow.  This is really the first time since bringing it home that I could do that!!!

White Turtle III
White Turtle III – NO SNOW!!!!!!

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Storm chasing season is coming!!

I love chasing storms!!!

I am not a fan when storms come and chase me, but if I can go after them it is AMAZING!!!!  Below is some information on my storm chasing gear so you can be ready when things heat up!

Lightning storm
Evening storm


It is great to get some amazing storm pictures but be careful!!!  If you are not familiar with storms find someone to go out with for the first few times or take a course.  No picture is work a death!!

Lightning Set-ups

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A trip to Waterton – White Turtle III

Side Tracked

So I thought that I would head out to Waterton yesterday (March 31, 2018) to get some pictures.   On the way there I made a detour to Police lake area to see what was out and about.  WELL there was a lot of snow out and about 🙂 . The main highways were good but the other roads were really covered and as I was getting closer to Police Lake the amount of snow on the roads got a lot deeper.  The best thing about it was that there was hardly anybody on the road except for a few farmers feeding cattle.

Police Lake
East of Police Lake Alberta, lots of fresh snow.

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Writing On Stone Provincial Park

Writing on Stone can be a hot and dry place in the summer but winter is usually cold and dry, not this winter.  With all the crazy snow that we have gotten it looks more like a part of Alaska than southern Alberta.

Was heading down to camp for a couple days but the campground is not accessible as there is so much snow so just spend part of a day there.

Sweet grass hills
After the storm as the clouds break

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Staycation, How about Stayphotos??

How about Stayphotos! By now we have all heard of Staycations, where instead of traveling you stay closer to home to have a vacation. But I would purpose to you Stayphotos.

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Waterton May 2017

A trip to Waterton May 2017. Some places I look forward to going to but when I get there I am disappointed.  Waterton is one of those places! There is soooo much to photograph that I get overwhelmed with it.

Waterton May 2017
Waterton Lakes National Park May 2017

This past trip I showed up in Waterton on Friday. There was so much to do that I lost my focus.  Sure I got some good images the first day but I was not focused enough to actually concentrate. I missed many pictures while I wasted time on pictures that I should have passed over.  This is something that I tell all my students. “You need to focus and have a plan of attack” and Friday I was just so happy to get to Waterton that my plan went down the drain as soon as I got there.

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