Staycation, How about Stayphotos??


By now we have all heard of Staycations, where instead of traveling you stay closer to home to have a vacation. But I would purpose to you Stayphotos,

where you find things close to home to take pictures of.  Now I understand the desire and in some cases the need to travel to take pictures, but I also hear so many times from people that they “Have to travel to find anything good to shoot”.  Really there is so much to shoot close to home that you could spend months or years shooting and still have lots to shoot that you never even thought of.

This past weekend the weather was not cooperating to hit the road and the one quick road trip that I did do was a waste as there was nothing that was working with the lighting that I had.  But when I returned home I realized that just in the front yard I had a selection of flowers that could keep me busy for hours, add in the bugs and birds and I was all set.

So without changing lenses I played for a few minutes to see what I could get. All these are shot with the Canon 70D and my Sigma 150 – 600.

Stayphotos © Paterson Photography Ltd.

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