Slides – days gone by

Many moons ago I managed a photo lab that also had a slide processor in it. Back in those days some of my clients were the top shooters in the world for nature, ski and commercial magazines. It got me to start shooting slides but truly I was never a slide shooter. It was just not enjoyable for me because to get great prints was a pain. If done correctly prints were amazing but they were also expensive to get them done right and not many people did them properly. The thing that I LOVED about slides was that you could hold your “picture” with your fingers and it was still safe. I still find handling a slide enjoyable and I still love the look but also happy that I don’t have to shoot or process them.

As classic as the Kodak slide looks the plain white mount is what I remember as that was what I mounted slides in. I can still hear the noise of the Pakon mounter when I was mounting roll after roll of slides! I made up this digital frame today to give me the look of a slide but no suffering with chemicals and mounting.

Kodak Slide
Classic Kodak

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