Silver Automotive

For those that know me I am not a big mechanic, I would like to be but I just don’t have a spot to work on my vehicles.  That being said I do a number of small jobs and recently I needed to get some parts for my truck.  Went to a couple of places and was not able to get what I was looking for so I stopped in to silver Automotive to see if they could help. WOW was I impressed, not only did I get service but I got a lesson in the different parts that where available and that I could choose from.  They guy that helped me explained the differences, the prices and gave me his suggestion ~ I would say this went way beyond exceptional customer service.  I could make my decision based on facts and helpful input.  After purchasing the parts I actually checked into the information that I was given with a couple of other sources and everything that I was told was fact.

GREAT job, you can be assured that I will be back!

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