Sign your prints?????

Another question that I get a lot is “Should I sign my prints”? and “How should I sign my prints with a real signature or printed digitally”?

Hand sign?

First let me say I DO NOT HAND SIGN MY PRINTS!!!!!! Why? My signature is horrible! I see so many artists with amazing signatures. Then there is my signature that looks like a bird flew over the print and dumped on it! So for me a digital signature is the only choice.

But if you have a good signature what should you do? This next part is from an artist friend. “A digital signature is not good for authentic purposes when it comes to art work and does nothing to increase the value of the artwork”. I do agree in a way that hand signed artwork does show that the artist actually saw the work. As opposed to it being a unauthorized copy and that it does make it look more professional, but with photographs I am still not 100% sure that this is needed in this day of digital printing.

One thing that I have done for some of my work and have recommended to several other photographers is that we use both ideas. We print the image with a digital signature on the image. Then at the same time we print the image on oversize paper leaving a white border. Then the artist signs, dates and writes the name and other info away from the image. Using the white part that is below the print. BUT it is attached to the image. This way it can be framed with the information behind a mat and the print looks perfect for what can be seen in the frame.

Two ideas

The second way, and it is similar to the one below just a little more personal, is you can sign a piece of paper with a black pen or marker, then I can scan it in and we can apply that to the image to give it a more signed look but it is still printed with the image.

The third way and the way that I do most prints. I created a signature and apply it to the image before it is printed. This way it looks a lot better than my signature, looks professional and does not take away from the image. When I do this I also make the signature partially see through. this takes less away from the image it is printed on.

Signature Print
A signature ready to go to print. © Paterson Photography Lethbridge

One final note: The above is if the image is being printed….. NOT if it is being put on the Internet. If it is going on the Internet then make a bold signature and even a copyright. Make sure that people know who took the image and that it is copyrighted!!! The image below not only has information on the print but it is added below the print as well. Just so it is clear 🙂 .

Porcupine sign your prints
Porcupine, City of Lethbridge River Valley © Paterson Photography Ltd.

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