Sigma 150-600 Update 2019.03.14

Sigma came out with another firmware update on March 14, 2019 for a number of their lenses. If you have a Sigma lens that uses the Sigma dock for updating the firmware, and your lens is on the update list, you should consider doing the update. The lens that caught my eye on the list was the 150-600. This is my favorite lens for wildlife and even some scenic images.

Sigma Firmware update here

Yesterday I had the chance to install the update and then do some testing around Lethbridge. Today a trip to Waterton Lakes National Park to use the lens again and do more testing.

Initial Test Results

I have shot several hundred images and I have to say I LOVE the update. From what Sigma said the update was not for getting images sharper but it seems to do that. From the Sigma website, the update will “Improve the stability of the image in the viewfinder, making it easier to confirm composition, thanks to the updated control algorithm of the Optical Stabilizer”.

I cannot say much about the stated improvements. The camera that I shoot is not on the list for ones that the update would improve. But I have noticed that the lens is A LOT sharper. I did not change any settings on my camera, or the lens, when I did the update. But it sure looks like I did as I see big improvements. My out of camera sharpness is 100% better now and it was good before. I am seeing details without any editing in Photoshop that I have never seen before.

Sigma 150-600

First picture shot with the update – Focus on the yellow lichen. No out of camera sharpening
Cropped in from the original image above – Sigma 150-600

Also I noticed that the focus has not done any hunting since the update. This could be the type of pictures that I have shot since the update but I do hope it continues! Not a fan of missing the focus then stopping a mile off and making me manually pull it back.

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