Sigma 150 – 600 lens

The Sigma 150 – 600 lens is my favourite lens and one of my top recommendations for wildlife photographers.

A few years back, I purchased a Sigma 150-500 lens and fell in love with it, capturing many photos.

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Meadowlark Spring 2018 – Sigma 150 – 600

However, Sigma later introduced a 150-600 lens. I hesitating for a while but I couldn’t resist the allure of that extra hundred millimeters.

After careful thought, I decided to buy the 150-600 lens. Initially, I faced challenges as the images appeared somewhat soft compared to the 150-500. Adjusting the microfocus fine-tuning on my camera improved the situation a little. After investing in the dock, I was amazed at the lens’s performance. It was sharper than the 150 – 600.

Since then, I’ve utilized the 150-600 lens in all my photography. Especially enjoying its capabilities for wildlife photography. It is great for capturing distant subjects like the rising moon or inaccessible waterfalls. Additionally, when seeking a unique perspective not achievable with my other lenses, the Sigma 150-600 has become my preferred choice in many situations.

I often tell people that if I were still involved in wedding photography, I might even use this lens for shooting weddings. Regardless of your photography preferences, if you’re searching for a lens that brings you closer to your subject, the Sigma 150-600 is worth considering.

However, one disappointment is that Sigma hasn’t been able to develop a 150-600 lens compatible with the new Canon mirrorless cameras. This is due to Canon withholding the necessary technology, preventing Sigma from creating a compatible lens. This limitation has deterred me from transitioning to a mirrorless camera. I love the performance of this lens and can’t I fathom using a different one.

Nature print printed square in an Instagram format at Lethbridge Photo Lab

Sigma 150 – 600 Videos

For those seeking more information on this lens, I’ve included links to some of my Sigma 150 – 500 videos below. Feel free to explore them for additional insights.

Sigma 150 – 600

Using the Sigma dock

Sigma lens settings

Spring lens Tune-up