Shooting with BIG glass

Over the past few weeks I have been seeing a lot of people with some big lenses.  It is great to see people using lenses other than the standard wide angle ones that come with the camera. One thing to keep in mind – the bigger lenses need to be held much more stable than smaller lenses.

Yesterday I watched as a guy used his 400mm with one hand to take some pictures.  Problem was that even the smallest movement and the picture was out of focus (and he noticed that and could not figure out why), his other hand was in his pocket trying to stay warm.

Best way to hold your camera no matter what size of a lens is to use one hand to cushion the camera (palm on the bottom of the camera and your fingers turned upward holding the lens) and your other hand to hold the grip.   For real big lenses or if you tend to shake a lot, I do recommend a GOOD tripod.  Why spend $700 or more on a big lens and not get any good pictures with it.  A good tripod will set you back $200 plus but they are very worth it, and if you buy a good one it will last you a long time!

Another trick is if you are cold, use gloves.  Rushing through pictures or shivering will not allow you to take good quality pictures.

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