Sensor Dust

The stages of sensor dust denial and cleaning!

– There is a spot on my image…… cannot be sensor dust, I just cleaned it!
– A week later – The spot is still there, that is strange!
– A month passes – The spot is still there, it is not so bad I can live with it.

Sensor Dust

– Two months – That stupid spot is STILL there, maybe it will disappear soon!
– Four months – THAT SPOT…… “LADY MACBETH (rubbing her hands) Come out, damned spot! Out, I command you! One, two. OK, it’s time to do it now.—Hell is murky!—Nonsense, my lord, nonsense! You are a soldier, and yet you are afraid?”
– Six months – Okay I can live with it, really!!!
– Okay it has been a year and 10,000 images I need to do something
– Okay, okay I have lived with it for a year and a half I NEED TO HANDLE THIS!!!!!
– Time to do something, assemble all needed supplies, and take some test images, the spot is still there. Well, tomorrow I will get to it.
– Okay, everything has been sitting out for a week now I guess I need to clean this sensor….. tomorrow.
– Okay, I have run out of things to do sensor cleaning time.
– Clean sensor, do test image and that one piece of sensor dust is now 20 spots…….. should have left well enough alone.
– Another cleaning and I now have 40 spots instead of the 20 from last time, this is not going the right direction!!!!
– Clean again and I am now down to 30 spots, maybe that is good!
– Try cleaning again and again and again and I only have 4 spots left!!!!!
– One more cleaning should do it – I now have 50 spots
– Okay another cleaning, and another and another, and another and another and one more
– Down to one spot remaining, well that is better I can live with that

Yes I cleaned the sensor today on one of my cameras, HOW CAN YOU TELL????????? I should do another one now while I have the time!

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