Selling Some Gear

So you plan on selling some gear, now what?  I realized that I have written a lot about buying new and used gear but not a lot about selling gear, so what about selling your camera and photography gear?

First selling anything is an iffy idea as more people want stuff for free than are willing to buy it.  “Sure I will take that $4,000 lens for $20, not a problem”. Second selling camera gear can seem impossible as there is so much out there for sale. so what should you do if you are selling camera and photography gear?

  • Understand that you will not get close to what you paid for it. Sure you paid $1000 for it and only used it once, WHO CARES?  It is still used and as such will not sell for close to what you bought it for. There are exceptions like specialized items but overall you are not going to get close to what you paid so accept that now. Set a price that you can live with and advertise it for that.
  • BE CAREFUL  If someone contacts you and wants to meet Friday at 11:30pm in a dark parking lot DO NOT DO IT! Set up places and times so you will be safe.
  • Do not let people take it for a trial.  Sure let them try it but stay with them.
  • Sell it “as is, where is”.  Some people will take an item and drop it or use it improperly and expect to get their money back.  Do up a bill of sale that states this.  If you like and someone does come back with a broken product you can make the decision at that time if you will do anything.
  • Be honest, if you do not know if it works or how it works tell the buyer.  I have sold items that I could not get to work for really cheap. I made sure the buyer knew what was wrong before hand and they were happy to buy it.
  • If you cannot get what you want for the item decide before hand what you will do, keep it or drop the price.

For me I would rather keep a product than to sell it for real cheap, that is unless I need the room or have absolutely no use for the product.  If it is something that I would like to upgrade say from a 70-200 f4 to a 70-200 f2.8 I will hold off updating if it means that I will loose a lot of money on it.  Whatever you decide to do make sure that you take time to research your options and selling price.

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