Search & Rescue Training

If you have missed it southern Alberta was turned into a training ground this past weekend for Search & Rescue Training for troops from the US and Canada.  3  – C130’s have been flying around dropping troops in training exercises.  It was my pleasure to get to photograph one of the drop zones.  It amazes me how anyone can hit a target when dropped from a plane, let alone hitting the target in southern Alberta winds!  I was at a remote location and got to see first hand how the military locates a crash area, determines wind speed and direction and then drops the troops feet from the crash scene.

You think it is impressive to see this at the air show, it is even more impressive to see it happen with full gear loads and with the plane circling overhead at very low altitude.

Great job to  everyone involved, here is hoping that you do not have to use this training anytime soon in real life.

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