Safety first when on-line

Always back-up – even your passwords!!!

I have written many times about making sure that you back-up your digital files but I also want to remind you to back-up your passwords and as well to use passwords that are not easy for others to guess.  I know that many say you should never write down your passwords but lets be realistic, how many people can remember all those passwords.  As a quick tally I looked and found over 100 passwords that I have to remember and I am sorry but I cannot memorize all of them.  I know that there are many more but I cannot even remember the sites that require a password let alone the password that they all need!!!.  If we are all using 123456 or similar easy to remember strings then really there is no sense in having a password, I know many people that do this as they say they can never remember all their passwords so they pick a really easy one and use it every place they need a password.

So I advocate something a little more secure than 123456 and that is to record your passwords in either a secure data base (see below) or even easier a recipe box with cards listing all the sites that have passwords. Honestly how many of us have people visiting that are going to be searching for passwords?  If we are concerned with people accessing these cards then get a fireproof locked safe and put the box in there.

Another way is what I have been using in addition to the recipe cards is an app. A number of years ago I installed an app on my tablet that helps with keeping track of my passwords, I used this a lot but I have since switched to a new program called  KeePass2.  It is secured with a password (yes another one) and you can make this as secure as you like – forget a simple password how about something like………….

Ilikedogsandcats AND I wantto get 20 horses someDAY!!!

NOBODY will crack that one 🙂

But even if you are not going the more high tech route of a program lets take some time today or this weekend to make our passwords harder for others to guess and at the same time to record them so we do not loose them!!!

P.S. We have all heard the horror stories of huge data breaches so even if you have good passwords make sure that you do two additional things 1) NEVER use the same password on different sites and 2) CHANGE your passwords regularly!

This is an updated post from 2015…. still as relevant if not more so then 2015

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