Repairing Mold Damaged Photos

Of all the damage to photos that you may encounter Repairing Mold Damaged Photos is one you have to be careful with for your health.

Move slowly and make sure to take health precautions from inhaling the mold spores.

Fire, flood, water and mold damaged photos

I recommend that you set-up a closed off room to work with your images. Wear a respirator and make sure to wash up after handling the pictures.

Unlike other types of damage mold will continue to grow and ruin your images. You need to act soon, but again not at the risk of your health.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself contact someone and get them to do your digitizing. UNDERSTAND that anyone that knows what they are doing and they care about their health, they are going to charge for digitizing the pictures.

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Once digitized and you are happy with the resolution I suggest disposing of the originals. They will continue to get more mold. You will never be able to get rid of all the mold without destroying the images.

What not to do when Repairing Mold Damaged Photos

Like with other forms of damage to photos and photographs a lot of the stuff that’s mentioned online to deal with mold is not true. I have seen everything from spraying disinfectants on the photos. To putting them in a room with a vaporizer with bleach in it. To putting them in the oven, to laying them outside in the sunshine. Well some things may kill the mold on the surface the mold inside of the photos will continue to grow. IN addition many of these so-called solutions will actually destroy the photograph if not immediately in a very short time.

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